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Have you ever wondered how male porn stars have such amazing stamina? How they can get hard and stay hard while doing the WILDEST things with the hottest women around?


marcuslondonIf so, get excited, because you're about to find out!

My name is Marcus London.

You may know me from one of the 120 adult films I've starred in, or the 11 I've directed.

This offer, which won't be up for long, I'm going to show you how you can learn to fuck your girl better than any other guy ever has... DIRECTLY from the biggest stars in adult film today – Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Evan Stone, and myself.

None of us have EVER revealed our secrets until now, so pay close attention, because what we are about to show you could improve your sex life dramatically -- starting tonight.

I'm going to ask you a question right now that may be a little personal:

Please, answer it honestly!

First... I want you to imagine the hottest girl you can think of… Maybe it's a girl you already have a crush on.

Imagine her face… Imagine the color of her hair…

The curves of her body….

…. Got it?

Now here's the question:

If she was in your bed right now, stark naked, could you rock her world better than any other guy has before?

Could you fuck her as LONG and as HARD as you want to, without cumming too soon and without losing your erection?

Or would you worry that other guys she's been with have lasted longer than you or fucked her better than you?

If so, I have some bad news for you:
You're probably right!

Women today aren't the virgins they were 50 years ago. They've been with a few guys, and some of those guys knew what they were doing.

These days, if you can't fuck a girl like a stud, she'll leave you for a guy who can

I'm not saying this to be a jerk. It's just the way it is.

I know. Because it happened to me.

I'm now an adult film star and director… I've been fortunate to perform in over 120 adult films, and I've won 2 AVN Awards for my work.

Something most people don't know about me, is that up until my late twenties, I suffered from crippling premature ejaculation.

I could never keep a girlfriend around for more than a couple of months.

They would give some bullshit excuse, but I secretly feared it was because I wasn't satisfying them sexually.
With most of the girls I didn't really care, I was having a great time being single!

But then: it happened with a girl who I thought was the love of my life.

Everything seemed perfect. Our personalities clicked so well…

Then one day – completely without warning – she dumped me!!!

WHY? I asked her. I had to know:

She gave me a few reasons, but I knew they were B.S.

So I finally, I straight up asked her…

Is it something to do with the sex? Before she even said yes, the look in her eyes told me all I needed to know
I was devastated. I tried to tell myself that she was just a cold-hearted bitch, but deep down, I knew she was right.

It was one of the worst experiences of my life.

But for the first time, it caused me to admit I had a problem and I became determined to fix it.

It wasn't easy but eventually I not only beat my premature ejaculation.

I discovered a secret that allows me to last up to
60 MINUTES with a woman… every single time

And since then I've helped dozens of other guys do the same.

So if you're suffering from premature ejaculation or if you just want to fuck your girl better than any other guy she's ever been with. I can show you how.

There's no creams.

You don't have to do any weird exercises, and it works no matter how long you can last with a woman now.

Best of all, it's not a “quick fix!”

After practicing just a few times, it becomes natural for you...

“Performance anxiety” becomes a thing of the past... you naturally last 30, 40, even 60 minutes while giving your girl the most intense penetration orgasms she has ever had with a man!

I want to share with you the RESULTS of a few of the guys I've helped... so you know that this is the REAL DEAL.

Because it doesn't matter how many movies I've been in if I can't help YOU learn to fuck like a porn star, right?

This is what Charlie in San Antonia, TX had to say after learning my method.

"I thought it sounded like B.S. – how would I last 60 minutes if I couldn't even last 5 now. I probably would have never signed up if a friend hadn't recommended it but I'm so glad I did. I now last 30-40 minutes each time and I'm giving my girl multiple screaming orgasms every time we have sex! The best part is now she's the one who is always initiating it! Our relationship is 10 times better and I owe it all to you. Thanks man this stuff works.”

- Charlie, 31 San Antonio, TX

Here is what Marcus from Los Angeles has to say...

“Marcus, I'm in my mid-40s and never had a high sex drive, so I was scared this wouldn't work for me. Well, it's only been 2 weeks and I can now get harder than I did even in my 20's. Best of all now I decide when I cum! I feel totally in control, it's great looking at a woman and knowing I can be with her without having to worry I'm gonna cum too fast. So thank you Marcus, I feel like a new man.”

- Glen, 46, Los Angeles, California

And S.H. from Las Vegas...

“Marcus, I've had a problem with premature ejaculation for as long as I can remember, I suspect I've lost a few girls because of it. It messed up my confidence with girls and even made me want to avoid sex. Since I've gone through your program though I've finally gotten it together, and just in time. I started dating a new girl recently and after we the first time had sex, she was complaining about how sore she was and said she needed time to recover! I know she loved it though and I can't wait to give it to her again. This stuff ROCKS!”

-S.H., 36, Las Vegas, NV

So as you can see, I've discovered a REAL SOLUTION to curing premature ejaculation, and gaining TOTAL CONTROL over your manhood.

Before I share it with you, I need to warn you:

I'm not sure how long this offer will last.

I've already gotten some angry emails from other adult film stars demanding I take it down; mad that I'm giving away our industry secrets.

So it's possible this could be taken down any moment, if you're thinking you'll come back later and finish watching, don't, because it could be gone!

Now If any of this sounds like you:

You want to be able to fuck a woman
better than ANY guy she's been with before!

You want to last long enough to make her erupt
into multiple, mind-melting orgasms!

You want to rock her world so powerfully
she never even thinks about leaving you for another guy!

Or if you want the power to gain total control over a woman's body and mind… to the point where she is chemically addicted to your cock!

Because lets face it:
If you were already doing this, you wouldn't be here!

Maybe you're not having the kind of sex you want to be having.

Or maybe you're not having any sex at all right now and you want to prepared for when you do.

Or maybe, like me -- you lost the girl of your dreams because of an embarrassing performance in bed.

We'll I'm going to show you how to turn all of it around permanently...

...and how to do it starting TONIGHT!

I want to share with you 2 facts about women and sex most men don't know.

Pay close attention, because knowing these 2 things could be the difference between whether you satisfy your woman...or not.

Fact # 1: Women NEED
Penetration Orgasms!

You already know women need orgasms to be satisfied in bed...

But here's something most guys DON'T know...
In order for her to be truly satisfied:


Did you know the orgasms a woman receives from penetration are as much as 10 times more powerful than those she has from oral?

You see, with penetration, you give her a FULL BODY ORGASM!!!

This makes her brain release a special chemical called, “oxytocin”...which fills her ENTIRE BODY with intense waves of pleasure. Scientists call this the “cuddle chemical”, because it sends a signal to her brain that the guy who gave her that pleasure is the guy for her. In fact, just a year ago, in January of 2012, scientists at the Department of Psychology at Bar-Ilan University, in Israel, performed a study that proved it...

Here's a quote directly from their report:

“[H]igher levels of oxytocin — the hormone known as the “cuddle chemical,” which rises during breast-feeding, lovemaking and parent-child bonding — were associated with more emotional responsiveness between couples, and predicted which couples would stay together longer than others.”

Source: Oxytocin during the initial stages of romantic attachment: Relations to couplesí interactive reciprocity

In other words, this means that once you give it to a woman good and hard... she won't even look at another man.

She literally becomes chemically addicted to you!

But this can only happen when you give a woman a PENETRATION orgasm.
So if you think you can make up for not lasting long by getting good at oral, unfortunately, it's not that easy!

Fact # 2:
A Woman Can Sense If A Guy Is “Sexually Confident”
Long Before She Ever Sleeps With Him!

Here's something a little bizarre that happened to me after I cured my stamina problems…
I Started Getting Girls Like Crazy!

Before then, I used to have a hard time getting women -- I never really knew why.
But after I got the skills to drive them wild in bed; it was like they could sense it. Now that I knew I could perform like a stud.

I walked around like I was packing 10 inches.

Girls picked up on my SEXUAL CONFIDENCE… and were on me like bees on honey.

So if you're not getting the women you deserve right now... this might be the reason. I had NO IDEA just how much fixing this problem would GET me more girls!

And Here's The Craziest Part...

If you've seen any of my movies, then you know I am far, FAR from 10 inches.

My friends actually kid me that I'm the “smallest” guy in porn! The story of how I became one of the top male adult stars is an unusual one. It's normally very tough for a guy to break into the industry; I was lucky – I had a friend who was a casting agent.

Because of my “size”, or, I should say, lack of. It STILL wasn't easy, but I finally convinced him to give me a shot and let's just say I CRUSHED IT!

I didn't know this at the time, but did you know, even among porn stars. There are really only a few guys in the biz who can get hard and stay hard as long as they want? With the other guys, directors are forced to cut and edit a LOT of scenes, because the guy can't get it done in one shot.

After I nailed my first scene, the director was so impressed, he offered me a gig for his next film right there on the spot!

Word spread of my skills, and soon I had no problem getting gigs!

By the end of my first year in the biz I'd shot 27 scenes!

Since then I've shot over 100 more!


And about a year ago,

I Started Coaching Other Adult Film Stars...

One day I was approached on set by an up and coming male actor
"Marcus, what's your secret?”, he said.

“How do you get so many gigs when I can't even work enough to pay my rent?”

By this time everyone knew about my stamina skills, so I know what he was “really” asking.

He was a nice enough guy, but realized that if I shared my secrets, I'd be creating competition for myself.
So I told him I'd teach him for $1000; figuring he'd say no, but to my surprise, he said: “When can we start?”

His income depended on it. So really it was an investment. I taught him my system, and he went on to become one of the biggest stars in adult film today!

And that's how:

I Became Known In The Biz As
The “King Of Stamina”

Word spread and soon I was getting even more guys wanting to learn from me.

I started doing group coaching, where I'd teach 4 or 5 guys at once I called my coaching program, “60 Minute Stamina” because it wasn't uncommon for a guy to be able to last 60 minutes after going through it.

This may seem like a long time, but for an adult film star, it's a necessity. And the results my students were had were nothing short of INCREDIBLE!

Here's what famous adult star Ryan Driller had to say about my coaching:

ryandriller“It’s no secret in our industry that Marcus is the man when it comes to stamina. We all have our own little ‘tricks’ and techniques, but none of them are as strong as Marcus’. Getting coaching from him, was probably the best thing that ever happened to my career AND my sex life off camera. Using just one of his breathing exercises pushed me to last an extra twenty minutes! And that was just ONE technique! Add them all up and they turn you into a sexual powerhouse. Learning Marcus’s secrets will ABSOLUTELY have your girls exhausted, panting, and begging for more.”

-Ryan Diller, star of 27 adult films and counting

I never advertised the program, but word continued to spread all through word-of-mouth. Soon I was even getting regular guys contacting me, wanting to sign up.

It's been a few years now, and I'm proud to say I've now helped over 70 different men get this handled.

Why Is 60 Minute Stamina
So Effective?

The reason is because it addresses both the mental and the physical causes of premature ejaculation.
I show you not only the physical techniques to last longer... but how to free your mind from failures of the past... then develop NEW HABITS based around the physical techniques...
so you last a long time naturally...

Once these new habits are in place, you find yourself lasting long enough to make your girl cum without having to “overthink”... so you can truly begin to ENJOY sex without performance anxiety.

Being a STUD in the bedroom becomes a part of YOU and who you are!

I've spent the last few years refining this system... and I've now got it down to a science 90% of my students report being able to last 30 minutes or more within one week of learning it.

Just as important... they are ENJOYING SEX more than ever before. That's the reason I know it will work for you, regardless of regardless of your age, “size”, sexual experience, or how long you are lasting now.

And now, it's much easier to get...

In the past, if you wanted to learn my method you would have had to fly out to one of my closed-door sessions in Los Angeles, where even in a group session, the MINIMUM I ever charged to teach it was $1000 dollars.

However, I realize not everyone can afford to do that. I've decided to put my entire 60 Minute Stamina system online in a streaming videos you can watch from the comfort of your own home.


This way I can make it more affordable, and you can go through it totally anonymously...

The course is even more advanced than my live trainings, because I've gotten some amazing guest coaches to share their secrets as well....


You're also going to get the sex secrets of...
Peter North
Ron Jeremy
Nick Manning
and Evan Stone!


Here's what a few of the beta-testers of this online video course had to say:

“Marcus, I can't tell you how much my life has changed since I got your videos. Last my neighbor kept pounding on my apartment wall because I was having sex so long. Started off in missionary, moved to scissors, cowgirl, and then bent her over the bed and got behind and drove it home! Never could have done all that before. Screw the neighbor I'm having too much fun with this stuff!”

-James, 28, San Diego, CA

“… I'm 25 so this was a lot of money for me, but I knew my stamina was holding me back from having a normal sex life, so I figured it would be worth it. It's only been a week and I'm already lasting 15 minutes with my girl and going longer each time. Thanks Marcus I've already gotten my money's worth, I no longer feel like a loser and my girl now looks at me like I'm a king. You're the man and I recommend your program to anyone”

-C.G., 25, Temecula, CA

“Hey Marcus, I lined up a date the night after I went through your program so I could test out the techniques right away. I was a little skeptical that they would work for me so I wanted to test it first with a girl who I'm not that into so this was perfect. All I have to say now is HOLY SHIT! That scary feeling I was going to bust too soon was totally GONE, I musta pounded her for 30 or 40 minutes before I came! In the past I'd be lucky to last 5 minutes. This is a game-changer, I can't wait to try it out with my main girl! Sir Marcus, you are the man”

-Ryan, 31, Denver, CO

These are just a few of the guys who have had life-changing results with my online video course.

The steps to using it are simple:

1. Sign up for the program, and watch it online, for your privacy.
2. Practice the techniques on your own.
3. Use them the next time you are with a girl to fuck her like a porn star! Lasting as long as you want... and long enough to give her mind-blowing penetration orgasms!

Here's how the 60 Minute Stamina online video program breaks down:

Part 1: The 60 Minute Stamina Formula

In the first set of videos, I share with you not only my proven techniques for lasting longer... but how to gain TOTAL CONTROL over your “soldier”...

You'll learn:

A powerful trick that instantly FREEZES your orgasm and keeps you hard! Use this the instant you feel yourself about to blow to quickly short-circuit the response... and knock yourself down on the pleasure scale but without losing your wood.

How to completely shut off the “inner voices” that talk you in failing when you are with a new woman.

The 3 mental issues that are the cause of 99% of all erectile problems. Use this simple 3-minute exercise to free your mind and banish these problems from your sex life forever!

The amazing "Towel-Hanging" trick which triples the strength of a man's erections... and... allows him to experience "rocket-burst" orgasms which will give him (and her) pleasure almost beyond belief!

The one position you should NEVER start in if you have a history of poor stamina and what to do to solve this problem instantly.

The 2 almost unknown secrets (one mental, one physical) men need to know to have rock-hard erections... at any age! I'm going to show you the specific techniques we adult stars use to snap into "attention" at a moment's notice.

What you must do DIFFERENTLY to last longer with really hot women... or with a girl you are sleeping with for the first time that you are REALLY into. It's these situations where most guys blow it... but you won't when you know this.

What to think about during sex to keep yourself from blowing it... but ALSO keep yourself "in the moment" so you actually enjoy sex with ZERO nervousness!

The direct link between your balls and your BRAIN! You will learn to SEIZE CONTROL of the signals they are sending each other so you decide when you want to orgasm!

How to block out any memories of past failures with women and use this to give yourself a FRESH START and instantly cut your nervousness in half!

What to do if you are CURRENTLY dating a girl you have failed with in the past.

How to prepare yourself mentally BEFORE sex. Doing just this one simple relaxation exercise cuts your chances of"blowing" too soon in half!

A special breathing technique that gives you the ability to RE-ENERGIZE and get another rock-solid erection just minutes after you blow! Even if you fail the first time, use this secret to go at it again before she even notices you were done! Girls LOVE it when a guy can go multiple times in one night and this is the trick.

Part 2 Is
60 Minute Stamina “In Action”

Now this next section is REALLY special.

I knew it would be helpful for you to get perspectives from other guys who are masters of “cock control”... so as I mentioned, I brought on few of the biggest adult stars in the business as guest instructors!

Guys like:

Peter North

Peter is one of the top performers in the HISTORY of adult film... having been in 3,000 films.

He refuses to take Viagra, because he doesn't want to risk any side-effects... but mainly because he doesn't need it.

Peter is 55 YEARS OLD... but still performs like he's 20… and in this video he shows you how!

He also shares his secret for blowing MASSIVE, firehose loads! It's easy – just a simple supplement you can buy at the grocery store!

Peter has never revealed these secrets to ANYONE before and I'm so honored he broke his silence for me. You literally cannot find this information anywhere else in the world!

You're also going to learn from the “King” of the industry himself...
Ron Jeremy!

Learning from Ron is like having Mike Tyson show you how to knock someone out. He knows more about how to fuck a girl good than just about anyone – he'll show you how to blow her mind even if you're totally out of shape!

First Ron tells you about his technique, then you'll see him in action as he proceeds to bang 3 girls simultaneously! The best part is, the whole time he is walking you through it and explaining his techniques, step-by-step.

You'll Also Hear From
Nick Manning
Nick Manning

Nick has appeared in over 500 films and he's also known as the guy female porn stars want to do when the cameras are OFF.

In 60 Minute Stamina Nick shares his stamina secrets and his tricks for giving a girl outrageous orgasms during foreplay, that prime her for MULTIPLE PENETRATION ORGASMS!

After watching Nick's session you'll have the skills to give a girl orgasms so powerful she forgets her own name!

And this program wouldn't be complete without
the BIGGEST male star in adult film today...
2011 Male Performer Of The Year Evan Stone!

Evan is known in the business for his uncanny ability to get hard rock-hard erection whenever he wants... and as often as he wants! And he does it without the use of pills or any special supplements... Evan is gonna show you his “Mental Viagra” secret to get hard INSTANTLY then pound your girl in any position with a SAVAGE erection that refuses to go down.

And that's just the START of what we show you in these special demonstration videos.

You'll also learn:

Special thrusting "patterns" – developed through having sex with literally hundreds of women – that allow you to have maximum stamina while at the same time GUARANTEEING she orgasms. Use these patterns and you can be absolutely sure you've fucked her better than any other guy she's been with!

A way to guarantee you won't lose your erection during sex, even if you're wearing a condom.

Pornstar secrets for increasing your PHYSICAL stamina (Here's how to give it to her hard without getting worn out) and 3 positions that provide SUPER DEEP penetration for her, but not so much stimulation for you. Gets her off quickly and you have zero worry of cumming too fast!

A special trick to use during foreplay that makes her cum twice as fast when you actually penetrate her! When you do this you only have to last half as long to get her off!

A new variation on doggy style let's you hit it DEEPER and HARDER than she's ever felt before! This one weird trick makes you feel MASSIVE inside of her even if you're on the “smaller” side.
I'm really proud of these demonstration videos. After going through them just once you'll rock your girl's world like you never imagined... with the skills and sexual confidence of a seasoned vet.

Part 3 is the
60 Minute Stamina
INTERACTIVE Training Videos

So listen mate... I want to make sure you last longer the very NEXT time you have sex.

Not a year from now, not 6 months from now... but NEXT TIME. Even if the next time you have sex is tonight!
So I've created two very special “training videos” that are designed for you to practice the techniques
In these videos, my friends Rebecca Linares and Jennifer Dark...

...will lead you through 2 special sessions in which you'll practice the stamina techniques until you master them
Yes, I'm talking about you doing some “self-loving” here. This is so you can not only master the techniques... but
BUILD CONFIDENCE so next time you are with a real girl, you are ready.

Once the techniques become natural to you, you'll enjoy sex more than ever before! And you'll last long enough to give your girl orgasm after juicy orgasm without having to even think about it.

When You Join Me Today, I'm Also Gonna Throw In A Special Bonus Program, Advanced Orgasm Mastery!
Because I want to make sure your skills in the bedroom are WORLD CLASS in every area... when you get 60 Minute Stamina, I'm also throwing in another very special program I created called, “Advanced Orgasm Mastery”.

In it, you'll see 2 stunning bisexual women demonstrate advanced oral and fingering orgasm techniques on each other. You'll discover foreplay techniques to get her dripping wet... how to kiss her in a way that gets her HORNY for you... how to give your girl sensational Clitoral Orgasms... and the elusive G-Spot Orgasm... how to “stack” her orgasms on top of each other... ways to TEASE her so she begs you for sex... the One-Hour Orgasm... and much much more!

Every technique is explicitly demonstrated for you – nothing is left to the imagination. When I release this program on it's own, it's going to sell for $199.95. But as part of this special 60 Minute Stamina release, I'm going to give it to you free! Armed with 60 Minute Stamina AND Advanced Orgasm Mastery, you'll have the skills to make your woman feel like NO other guy ever could... trust me on that!

You Are Also Gonna Get
30 Days Of Private Email Coaching From Me!

Your success with these techniques is very important to me, I'm gonna give you my personal email address!

If at any time in the next 30 days you have any questions about stamina, sex, or a specific situation with a girl, just drop me a line, and I'll help you out.

I've been helping guys with this for a LONG TIME now... I've seen it all!

I have yet to meet a man who I couldn't help last longer in bed, so if have a specific problem, let's work on it together.

I'll have you lasting like a porn star in no time, promise!

Ok, Let's Wrap This Up...
You Get:

The 60 Minute Stamina Videos
The 60 Minute Stamina Formula
60 Minute Stamina “In Action”
The 60 Minute Stamina Interactive Training Sessions
Retail Value: $499.95

The Advanced Orgasm Mastery program
Retail Value: $199.95

...Plus 30 Days Of Follow-Up Email Coaching

Order Page

The total retail value of the 60 Minute Stamina program is $699.90.
And as I mentioned before, the MINIMUM I have ever charged to teach my system in the past is $1000.

But YOU are Not Gonna Pay That Much!

You're not even gonna pay $400 or $200.

As part of this special release offer, for a very limited time, I've decided to price 60 Minute Stamina at just $67.

That's right, you get the entire package – all the 60 Minute Stamina videos, plus Advanced Orgasm Mastery, and 30 Days of Email Coaching from me... for just $67!

Less than the cost of one date!

Over the next month, that breaks down to just $2.16 a day.

Why wait? Since this is possibly the most important investment you'll ever make in your sex life... I'm going to make the decision entirely RISK-FREE for you.

I want to make sure you try 60 Minute Stamina, because I know once you see how effective these techniques are, you will be very glad you did.

When you click on the link below, you'll be taken to a 128 Bit SSL secured order page, where you can get the 60 Minute Stamina package.

You'll be watching the videos in literally MINUTES from now and improving your sex life IMMEDIATELY!!!
Check out them out... then take a full 30 days to try the techniques

If you are unsatisfied with the program for ANY REASON... just drop me a line within 30 days, and I'll refund 100% of your money, with no questions asked, and no hassles.

Simply send me an email at!

I'm that confident my techniques will work for you, just like they have for me and so many other men.

These are only a small handful of the benefits of my program:

No more worrying if you're going to cum too fast!

No more weak or lost erections!

No more wondering if you lasted long enough to get her off!

No more wondering if her last guy was better than you!

No more embarrassing moments, or having to explain yourself!

No more wondering if she came... when you give her the type of powerful penetration orgasms we show you how to give in this course... YOU KNOW!

When your girl is clawing up your back and SCREAMING your name in ecstasy as she cums all over your cock... you'll look back on this moment as the start of your brand new, incredible sex life!

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A whole new world of AMAZING SEX with hot women is going to be yours. Any nervousness you felt before becomes a thing of the past. You will radiate sexual confidence inside and outside the bedroom... and once it's time to perform... watch out!

You're gonna do her like no man ever has before!

And afterwards, when she's telling you how you're the best she's ever had... you feel like THE MAN!
It's a great feeling. And I am excited for you to experience it.

In the grand scheme of things $67 is nothing... but the CONFIDENCE and POWER with women this program gives you last FOREVER.

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