"The 4 Sexual Positions That 'Trick' Your Body into Lasting All Night!"

Marcus LondonHey Mate,

Marcus London here again, creator of 60 Minute Stamina.

Thanks again for checking out my stamina tips!

Today I want to show you a way to use some HOT sex positions to actually manage your erection and last much, much longer.

Before we get into how to use these positions, let's cover a basic fact:

Each guy is different.

Younger blokes are likely to have an issue with too much sensitivity, which leads to an early ejaculation. For them, staying hard often is not an issue, but what IS an issue is getting too much stimulation and popping too early.

(Again, this is where the strategies I've been teaching you in the Stamina Tips (the breathing, visualization, and others) are going to help you stay on that arousal 'plateau' and last much longer)

On the other hand, many older men have trouble maintaining a strong erection. For them, it's an issue of blood flow and getting ENOUGH stimulation.

So, look at your own situation.

Where are you at?

Now that you have a good idea about where you stand, let's take a look at how to use some postions to last MUCH longer.

Here we go...

Positions for More Erection Strength and More Stimulation

The key for us older blokes (I'm 46 right now) is maximum blood flow and stimulation for the cock.

So with that in mind, here is one of my favorite positions. It's a variation of standing doggystyle:

Stamina Tip Position #1:
The Roaring Dragon

standing rear entry

Since you're standing, you're going to have excellent blood flow to your cock, giving you a very hard erection. And since you control your thrusting depth and rate, you can guarantee that you get the kind of stimulation you need to stay harder, longer.

This is one of my favorites, especially when you take her and bend her over something (bed, counter, pool table, car hood... get creative!)

Here's another good one...

Stamina Tip Position #2:
The "Deep Factor" Advanced Missionary Position

deep factor sex position

This is another good one for guys that need more blood flow. Since you are upright, you are going to get MAXIMUM blood flow to your cock.

This position shortens her vagina and will give her some DEEP penetration that she'll love.

But don't just plow all the way in right away. Instead, tease her with slow strokes that gradually get deeper and deeper.

Now let's look at some positions for younger blokes that have plenty of blood flow, but have an issue with getting too much stimulation...

Positions for MAXIMUM Stamina

If you're a younger bloke, maybe your erection is hard no matter what position you're in, BUT you might suffer from too much sensitivity that causes you to pop too early.

If this sounds like your situation, here are a couple positions that can be really good for you.

Stamina Tip Position #3:
Tangled Up!

tangled up sex position

This position is great for some slow, sensuous, long-lasting lovemaking.

When she leans back, you'll be hitting a VERY sensitive part of her vagina called the 'deep spot.'

Plus, since you're in such a relaxed position, you can let go of any tension in your body and stay in that 'sweet spot' arousal plateau that we talked about in earlier Stamina Tips.

Let her slowly grind herself against you while you stay deep inside her. You'll last a LONG time, and she'll probably have some really good orgasms too...

(For more pleasure for her, stimulate her clit with your fingers while shes grinding against you.)

Stamina Tip Position #4:
The Rapunzel


Have her climb on top of you, and then lean back.

You'll be stimulating the VERY sensitive front wall of her vagina, while you'll be lasting MUCH longer since you'll be relaxed, letting all the tension in your body completely release (a key to slowing that gradual arousal and lasting as long as you want).

Using These Positions to Last Longer

Go ahead and try these positions out.

You'll notice what each position does to your erection quality and stamina, and from there, you'll know how to use each during your next sex session to last much longer.

Feeling like you're going to pop too quick? Move into that "Tangled Up" position.

Cock not hard enough? Stick with a standing doggystyle variation like "The Roaring Dragon."

You'll get the idea.

But here's the thing...

These are just some of the DOZENS of positions you'll learn about in 60 Minute Stamina.

But more importantly...

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