Stamina Tip #3: The Jedi Mind Trick

                              LondonHey Mate,

Marcus London here again, creator of 60 Minute Stamina.

Thanks again for checking out my stamina tips!

I got some great responses to that survey yesterday.

(BTW, did you see that special surprise I set up for you guys when you finished? If not, go check it out again...)

I'm looking at all the responses I got and I'll be tailoring future Stamina Tips to the challenges that each of you are going through while learning to last longer.

But for today, I wanted to get a little new-agey with you and give you a REALLY strong mental technique that can work wonders for boosting your stamina. (It's the baby brother of one of the most powerful methods I present in 60 Minute Stamina).

So let's get into it...

Your Mind - Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy - The Choice Is Yours!

Let's face it.

When all you can think about is whether or not you're
  • going to get an erection,
  • lose your erection
  • or ejaculate too soon,
Guess what?

These worries will tend to become realities.

Back when I was not lasting much longer than a couple pumps, sex became a HUGE source of anxiety for me.

Would I come too fast? Would my dick work like I wanted it to?

It sucked.

But I did overcome it.

One turning point was when I decided that, however I 'performed', it was not as important as my enjoyment of HER.

Popped too soon? Dick not responding?

No big deal!

I'm in bed with a beautiful naked woman, and I'm going to enjoy that.

Start getting lost in your own enjoyment of HER, and the next thing you know you will be
having amazing sex.

Focus on HER!

(that's a huge tip right there...)

(A Quick Sidenote...)

While we're on this subject, I'd like to share a little insight with you...

Many women have told me how their biggest turn off with a man's sexual 'performance' is
NOT how a man happens to actually perform, it is when he THINKS he had a 'bad
performance' and he's visibly dwelling on it.

One girl told me how a guy she was with came after about a minute of penetration, and immediately started apologizing and crying, saying how he was so sorry that he came so soon.

What was funny (or tragic, depending on your viewpoint) was that she said that he had felt
AMAZING inside of her and that she had actually had a pretty good orgasm.

When she told him this, he pulled his head out of his hands, and with tears in his eyes,
looked at her and cried, “You're just saying that to make me feel better!”

And with that kind of lack of confidence, it's no surprise that she never wanted to have sex with him again!

You see, as bad as the sex had seemed from his viewpoint (and, granted, he could have easily lasted several minutes longer had he known what I've already shared with you in these tips), it was actually pretty good from her perspective.

So regardless of what happens, don't make a big deal about your 'performance.'
If things didn't go exactly how you wanted, smile, and get back to enjoying HER.

If it's no big deal to you, it will be no big deal for her.

(But if cumming too soon continues to be a problem, you owe it to yourself and your woman to get help and improve the situation. Which is of course exactly what you're doing right now...)

But let's get back to the task at hand.

Let's learn something that can make you last MUCH longer, immediately...

Stamina Tip #3: The Jedi Mind Trick

I'm going to get a little bit new-agey and let you in on a closely-guarded Sexual Jedi secret right now...

(I'll be Yoda...)

It has to do with what we've been talking about, and it's a HUGE part of not only lasting longer but also giving her the best sex of her life...

First, some background...

What causes ejaculation?

One way of putting it would be to say that ejaculation is just a release of tension.

Sexual tension builds, builds, and builds, until your cock can't take it anymore, and you pop!

But here is the trick...

When the sexual tension is trapped ONLY in your cock and balls, it's not long before you're going to bust.

But there's a way to use this fact to your advantage and put an end to premature ejaculation...

This is a BIG tip:

Energy Follows Attention

When your attention is only focused on how good your cock feels moving in and out of her pussy, guess what?

Your energy gets trapped in your cock, and you'll find that you pop VERY quickly.

But let's say instead you start to expand your attention to include not only the sensations that your cock is feeling during sex, but also those warm & tingly sensations that are beginning to fill your entire body.

(pay attention next time you're having sex (or masturbating, for that matter), you'll feel them)

Expand your awareness and attention outside of your cock, and guess what?

You'll be lasting longer.

MUCH longer.

(Plus, you're going to be a lot more 'present' with her. This will open her up emotionally, leading to her having much more frequent and powerful orgasms, making her feel things she's never felt with another man before in her life.)

So to summarize, here is the 'Jedi Mind Trick':
  • Step 1: While your arousal is still building, start to become aware not only of your cock, but of your entire body.
    • (Use Stamina Tips #1 & #2 early on to control your arousal as well)
    • Feel the pleasant sensations in your cock and let them spread throughout your body
  • Step 2: Relax your attention any time it gets focused only on your cock in her pussy
    • Become aware of the pleasant sensations that are filling your entire body

This sounds a little strange, but TRUST ME, it works!

You might have to experiment a little bit, but once you get this technique down, you'll be lasting literally as long as you want.

But that was just a BASIC tip...

You'll find that this tip will give you some pretty amazing results, but I have SO much more  to teach you.

If you want to learn HOW TO DEVELOP PORN-STAR STAMINA directly from me, someone who went from being a 'Two Pump Chump' to becoming Porn's 'King Of Stamina,' you're in luck.

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